1. Of family and portraits

    When I decided to switch from a regular digital camera to an entry-level DSLR, my first goal was to learn how to shoot portraits. I have always been fascinated with portrait shots and the bokeh (blurred background) effect so as soon as I got my hands on my new Nikon D5000 baby, it was the first one I tried. I read up on the subject before doing it of course. I learned about depth of field, aperture, zooming and making sure that the subject has a suitable background. 

    Here are some of my test shots. (Meet my family!)



    I’m happy with how they turned out, but I found out that if I want to have more bokeh I have to buy lens with higher aperture settings. I found one that’s suitable for my price range but at P9,700 a pop, it would have to wait a while. For now, I’m content with semi-bokeh portrait shots. (^_^)